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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming n that means u r gonna have to spend ur money on some gifts for ur loved ones. And, as always, u probably have no idea what to buy. Here are some ideas.

Charm Bracelets
This is my personal favourite gift idea. All u have to do is buy a bracelet and then personalize it with charms. The charms that u choose depends on the personality of the person who will recieve the charm bracelet. For charms, go to a jewellery or handcraft store near u. Or, u can try this online stores:, or/and This gift is great because u can personalize it:)

Scarves and Shawls
Scarves and shawls are wonderful gifts because they don't require sizes and therefore, u can't go wrong with them. They are the perfect accessory because u can wear them in so many different ways. Buy them at the usual stores such as Forever21, Topshop, Cotton On, New Look, etc. Or, u can try this online stores: or/and

This is an awesome gift because they are more than 10 ways u can wear this item. Buy them in the basic black for someone that is all work and no play. For someone who is more adventurous and fun, buy a pink, purple or blue one. Don't forget to check out the video on the DKNY website on how to wear it in 12 ways and remember to give the lucky reciever of this gift the link to the video. She'll need it. Buy the DKNY Cozy here: Just click DKNY Cozy which can be found on the left side of the webpage.

Eyeshadow Palettes
Palettes are great gifts because they are usually affordable and offer great value. Most of them have tons of eyeshadows on them that they are practically all that a person needs for pretty and dolled-up eyes. Popular places where people can eyeshadow palettes are and also Look out for the blush and lipgloss palettes too.

Brush Sets
Brushes are a must-have for every make-up junkie and lover. To get the best prices and value, buy a brush set instead of invidual brushes. Great places to shop for brush sets are and . Some of this sets even come with abrush roll for additional convenience.

So, what are u waiting for? Start shopping now!

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