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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Take A Bow

These bow accessories are too cute to resist. They are great for the the girly girl, though some of this are not too girly:)

(The pictures DO NOT belong to me)

Do u like these accessories? I do!

Thanks 4 reading>.<

A New Year --- A New Look

To celebrate the new year, I have a brand new look!!! I'm literally so happy:) I've been wanting to give my blog a makeover for a long long time. And, now i finally did it.

What did I do?:
-I changed the template from 'Dots' to 'Rounders'.
-I personalized the colours and fonts myself.
-I got a new background from
-I got some buttons/blinkies from the above website.

I'm so happy that my new blog is PURPLE! That's because I LOVE purple:)

How do u like my new blog? Hope u all like it as much as I do!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I'm changing my blog and giving it a makeover! Honestly, im excited! I'm gonna experiment with different themes and skins so this blog may look a little weird at times. But, i hope the end result is GOOD:)

Do u have any suggestions or reccomendations on themes, skins, gadgets or widgets that i can use? Please feel free to share if u do>.<

I'm Back:)

Hello everybody! I'm back:)

And, when i say "i'm back", i mean i'm back from a holiday trip, or a vacation, or whatever u want to call it.

I can't tell u exactly where i went but i can say that i went somewhere near a theme park. I was really looking forward to it. The place had the best (affordable) theme park near me. But, my happines and enthusiasm was shortlived when I reached 'the place' because I found out that the theme park was closed due to bad weather. I was super pissed! To make it worst, the theme park only opened when I left 'the place' for home.

What can i say? Life doesn't always go the way u want it.

Anyway, i'm happy to say that i'm back to bring more posts to u:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Posts Of The Week #4

Here are my self-picked post of the week:

Shefinds's Top 5 Wrapping Papers To Make Your Gift Seem Special
They have been so much gift guides going around that everybody forgot an important part of giving gifts - wrapping papers.

Shefinds's Best Find Of The Day: Fleece Lined Tights
Fleece lined tights? I didn't even know such a thing existed.

Shefinds's What To Expect From Project Runway Season 7
Who doesn't love Project Runway?

Thanks 4 reading>.<

Youtube Look Of The Week #5

Here's the wonderful Youtube look of the week:

KandeeJohnson's Runway Inspired Look
I think that this look is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours on the eyes. And, my favourite thing is, of course the liquid liner design. It is soooo pretty:)

For the tutorial:

*I DID NOT make and DO NOT own this video*

Thanks 4 reading>.<

What A Gem!

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

As theathrical and bold fake eyelashes are, they can get boring at times. But, with the trend of gems on fake eyelahes, i can assure u fake eyelashes is not going to lose its charm anytime soon.

Shu Uemera:

NYX Cosmetics:

Thanks 4 reading>.<

Star Studded

Studs are an obvious trends this days. We can see them on tops, shorts, bags and almost anything else. And, they aren't only for the rocker or biker chic anymore. With various types of studded clothes and accessories, anybody can wear them:)

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

(Clockwise from top left)
Dance Stud Top, Bewitched Stud Tank, Moscow Short, Studded Acid Skirt , all from Cotton On, Knitted Stud Dress, Studded Mini Skirt, Idol Stud Denim Mini, Studded Leaf Belt, Studded Biker Jacket, Pointed Stud Dress, Studded Dress, Pyramid Stud Bag, Studded Crossbody, Studded Foldover, all from New Look

Cotton On:

New Look:

Thanks 4 reading>.<

New Types Of Posts

Here are three new types of posts:

Video Highlight
A post where I feature an interesting fashion-related or/and beauty-related video.

Fabulous Finds
A post where I talk about a fashion-related or/and beauty-related product that i bumped onto or came across and that I think is really cool.

Latest Obsession
The name says it all. My latest fashion or/and beauty obsession.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tounge Tied

There is something about designer brands that makes them so hard to pronounce. Avoid embarrasing yourselves the next time u go shopping with this guide on Dulce Candy's blog on how to pronounce designer names:

Hope it helps! Thanks 4 reading>.<

*The blog & blogpost was not made by me & do not belong to me*

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dressed In Lace

Lace is becoming a growing trend in the fashion industry. Before, there were just added to an outfit in little pieces as a finishing touch. But, now, there dresses are entirely made of them. This are a great trend to try on, but, remember, wear something inside. I would recommend a corset dress or a strapless tube dress. Anyway, here are the variety of lace dresses available out there.

(Clockwise from Top Left)
From River Island: Lace Corsage Mini Dresses, Lace Bandeau Dress, Lace Maxi Dresses, Embellished Lace Dress, Belted Lace Dress, Colourblock Lace Dress, V Back Lace Dress, Chain Lace Dress, Maxi Lace Dress
(Clocwise From Top Left)
From Topshop: Scarlet Lace Dress, Rose Lace Maxi Dress, Lace Shift Dress, Gold Lace Bodycon Dress, Lace Peplum Dress, Lace Sequinned Dress
*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*
Thanks 4 reading>.<

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celeb Style Of The Week #4

For this week's celeb style, we are going for a style that is totally weird and out-of-this-world. Who else can I be talking about other than the lovely Lady Gaga? Known for her outrageous style, Lady Gaga takes this week's 'title' with the look she had during her X-Factor performance.

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

It was love at first sight when I saw her hair! I totally love the curls and the old-hollywood-glam style. It makes her look kinda different but who cares? Her hair is definitely my favourite part of this look. I also like her eye make-up. She has a pretty winged-out eyeliner look. And, the red lips look great on her and match perfectly with her hair. And, lets not forget her outfit. I love the 'devil'/cat ears. Its weird but cute!

If u wanna watch her performance, here's the link:

Thanks 4 reading>.<

Youtube Look Of The Week #4

We start off this week's 'of the week' posts with the Youtube look of the week.

Panacea81's For Blue & Green Eyes Make-Up Tutorial
*Pictures DO NOT belong to me* *I DID NOT make & DO NOT own the video & tutorial*

I love this look. I don't have blue and green eyes but I still wanna try this on. Its very simple and not over-dramatic, yet, it isn't plain or boring. I completely love it:) And, of course, it helps that, right now, I'm totally obsessed with orange or peach lids!

Thanks 4 reading>.<

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pen It Down......On Your Nails

Creative nail art just got easier and faster with nail pens! With this handy and convenient nail pens, u can easily adorn ur nails with creative designs like flowers, hearts and animal prints. Here are some nail pens in the market:

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

(Clockwise from top left)

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
This one boasts a fast-drying formula and a fine-tipped pen. It is also environment-friendly by being water-based. The only disadvantage is it only comes in 8 shades.

Migi Nail Art
This one is double-sided which means u get two colours in one pen. It comes in kits that are categorized by the type of colour- metallic, pastel, neon, etc.

Nicole by O.P.I Nic's Sticks
This one comes in various colours. In fact, it comes in so much colours, I couldn't show all of it in this blogpost. Its only disadvantage is that its tip isn't that fine.

Thanks 4 reading:)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

When Worlds Collide

What happens when the fashion world collide with the tech world? Designer gadgets is born! Here are some designer phones that have attracted my attention.

Armani Samsung Mobile

Motorola V3i Dolce & Gabbana

Prada Phone by LG

All this phones have one thing in common, other than being designer, they all have a classy and elgant design. Well, it is designer. So, what do u think of the phones? Will u gladly get a designer phone or will u pass? Tell me in the comments:) Thanks 4 reading>.<

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

Etsy Finds Of The Week #3

For this week's Etsy finds, we have earrings, pendants and even scarves! Here they are:

ZephyrWoods' Pendants

This wooden pendants are absolutely cute. With various designs and colours to choose from, I'm sure u would find something u like from this store. The robot design is one of my favourites.

ThongbaiTatong's Scarves scarves are beautiful. They aren't just normal printed scarves. Some have flowers on it, some are ruffled and some are layered. This store offers lovely, unique scarves.

Camla's Earrings

This earrings are beautiful and very elegant. They can instantly glam up any outfit u have.

So, which one of this products do u like? Thanks 4 reading>.<

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

Youtube Look Of The Week #3

This week, we not only have 1, not even 2, but, THREE looks, all packed in one video using only one palette. This look is by MakeUpGeek. I totally love her. She makes great videos and is such a great person. She even have her own store on her site.

Anyway, lets talk about the looks. The first one is a gold look with a little bit of black on the crease and lashlines. This one has to be my favourite look. Its elegant and dramatic without being too much.

The next one is a girly purple look. I really like this look too. I like the placement of the colours. And, the purple is very pretty.

The last one is a smoky dark look. Its a little too dark for my liking but I'm sure others would love it.

Check out the tutorial here:

Posts Of The Week #3

Here are my favourite posts of this week that u have to check out:)

GirlAWhirl's Best Beauty Gifts
Still dunno what to buy for that beloved beauty junkie of yours? This post has some really great ideas and products. Or, get some of this 'gifts' for yourself if u've been a good girl, or boy.
FocusOnStyle's Fake A Bob
Have u ever experienced this before- u wanna rock short hair for that particular day, event or outfit but u don't want a permanent haircut? I have. And, there is no need for wigs. This post teaches u how to fake a haircut.

Shefinds' What You Handbag's Jibberjabbering About
This post tells u what ur choice of handbag says about u. Actually, the post is only for the sake of fun & humour, or, at least, that is what it is to me.
Did u like any of this posts? Thanks for reading>.<
*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Celeb Style Of The Week #3

I totally skipped last week's 'of-the-weeks' posts. Sorry about that.

Anyway, here is my celeb style of this week:
Its another black outfit today. I'm sorry but i really can't explain my obsession with all-black outfits. In the real world, i'm all about colour, really. Back to the celeb style. It has to be Alicia Keys' outfit in her World Aids Day Concert. I'm totally loving what she is wearing. She is definitely in trend with her sequinned leggings. I like the fact that it isn't overly sequinned but is sequinned enough to be a head-turner. And, I completely am in love with her black heels that has silver soles and heels.
To check out her concert, here's the link:
*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look At What I Got

This days, more cosmetics brands are investing a lot of money in the packaging of their products to attract more customers. Well, their money did not go to waste because from what i know, we, females, love cute packaging. This products that I have picked out have packaging that r so cute u won't be able ot resist the urge to scream "Hey everybody! Look at what i got:)"

I am dying for this pretty products. They are so cute & irresistable!