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Monday, November 9, 2009

Update + Sorry

I know I've been MIA for the past weeks. I'm really really sorry. Anyway, last week, i came up with a few ideas to keep this blog alive. Every week, i'll be posting weekly posts. I already have 4 weekly post ideas:

Youtube Look Of The Week
If u don't know, Youtube have this massive beauty community. Almost daily, beauty and make-up enthusiasts, dubbed as beauty gurus, shoot a video on how to do a certain make-up look. Some of the looks are created by themselves while some are requested by their viewers. Some of this gurus give detailed instructions and some don't. Anyway, every week, i'll choose my favourite look and post it here so u girls/guys can see i:)

Etsy Finds Of The Week
Etsy is just like Ebay. Th only difference is that all the items sold are new and HANDMADE. And, i don't know why but i have a crazy obsession for handmade stuff. I love going through Etsy and looking at all the amazing handmade stuff. Sometimes, its hard to believe that so many people in this world are so creative and talented. I swear some of the stores on Etsy are as good as big names like Forever 21, Topshop, etc. Every week, I'm going to list my personal best Etsy finds. Sometimes, i'll list up to 6 item and sometimes, i'll list as little as 2 items. Its all up to fate:)

Celeb Style Of The Week
Every week, i'll be choosing my favourite celeb style. This can be from the red carpet or even from the streets. I'll be choosing from celebrity gossip websites like Yahoo OMG or MSN Wonderwall. Let me know if there is any other websites i can look through:)

Post Of The Week
Every week, i'll be choosing from my personal favourite post from a range of fashion websites like SheFinds, GirlAWhirl and more:)

Of course, i'll be posting invidual posts too.

Love, Scarlet:)

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