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Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Gift Ideas: Make Up Sets

I don't know what it is about sets that make them the ideal gift. Whether its a travel set, bath set or make-up set, sets are often the go-to for gifts. But, you don't need to buy a ready-made set. Make your own set to get a more unique gift. So, here are a few make-up set ideas for u:)

Neutral Eye Set
Get this for those who prefer a safe and natural everday look or teens who don't want such bold make-up. For this set, include three eyeshadows: a neutral brown shade for the lid, a dark brown shade for the crease and lower lashline, and, a beige colour for the brow bone. If u want to include a mascara and eyeliner, go for brown instead of black. For a lipstick or/and lipgloss, get a matte light pink one. Instead of a blush, go for a matte bronzer.

Smoky Eye Set
The smoky eye is and will continue to be a trend. So, get this for those who are always in trend or those who prefer a more daring look for their eyes. For eyeshadows, go for smoky colours. I think that's pretty obvious. You can get the basic colours such as black, grey or silver. If the receipient of this gift prefers bright colours, go for navy blue, royal purple or other bright smoky colours. Get a black liquid eyeliner and mascara to complement the eyeshadows. For a lipstick or/and lipgloss, get a beige or a super neutral one to balance out the smoky eye.

Eyeliner Set
For fans of eyeliners, get them an eyeliner set. Include the basic black and brown as well as daring and fun colours such as pink, purple and blue. For those who prefer something convenient and quick, get them pencil liners. For those who prefer to spent time for an outstanding look, get them gel or liquid liners. If u r getting gel liners, include a liner brush.

Macara Set
This one is for those who are obsessed with big, thick and long dramatic lashes. Get them an eyelash curler, an eyelash primer, a thickening mascara and a voluminizing mascara so they can achieve the maximum result for their lashes. Don't forget to add a spoolie brush so they can define their lashes and get rid of any clumps on their pretty lashes.

Lip Set
For those who are all about the lips, get this set. Include the basic lipstick and lipgloss. Add in other essentials such as a lip scrub to exfoliate the lips for smooth lips, a lip moisturizer to ensure the lips doesn't get dry, a lip liner to make sure the receipient's lips doesn't 'bleed'. If u r wondering what lip colour to get, just go for the basic pink to stay safe.

Here are some brand reccomendations:

StarsMakeUpHaven (
Urban Decay (
Wet And Wild (
Coastal Scents (
Bobbi Brown (
Revlon (
Covergirl (
Dior (

Happy Shopping:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Etsy Finds Of The Week #2

This week, its all about necklaces. Here are my favourite Etsy necklaces:
Neclaces by StringNThings
Necklaces by WhiteOwl
Neclaces by GenevieveGail by PrettyPennyDesigns

So, did u go to Etsy to buy any of this necklaces?

Celeb Style Of The Week #2

Here is this week's celeb style:Its Lauren Conrad's look at the Samsung Behold II Launch Party. Just like last week, the clothes are all in black. I don't know what's with me but i seem to be into black clothes lately. I totally love that ruffle dress. I'm really into ruffles right now. And, i totally love what she paired it up with. That red lip is a great finish to the look.

Youtube Look Of The Week #2

For this week, i had a short dilemma between KlairedelysArt's Christmas Party/Diamond Wings look and MakeUpGeek's Holiday Makeup: Bright Blues and Purple look. But, in the end, I chose KlairedelysArt's look. Here is her look:

I ended up choosing her look because, compared with MakeUpGeek's look, her look is something that I would prefer to wear on a day out. I just absolutely love the winged out liner and glittery eyeshadow. And, she used glitter liner too. Glitter liner is a big n cute make-up trend.
If u wanna know how to get this look, here's the link to the tutorial:
Or, if u wanna check out MakeUpGeek's look, here's the link:
Hope u try out the looks!

Posts Of The Week #2

Here are my my must-read posts of the week:

SheFinds have picked five cosy slippers that u can snuggle into for winter. My personal favourite have to be the dark blue one.

SheFinds: Winter Accessories Under $150
The winter accessories picked out by the people at SheFinds are so cute. Who cares if my country isn't going through winter? I still want them!

FocusOnStyle: Fashion Emergency
In this post, FocusOnStyle teaches u how to look and feel good in t-shirt and jeans. This is great for those who want to be stylish yet want a casual style.

Don't forget to check out the posts n tell me what u think!

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

Yesterday's Posts (Again...)

I'm sorry this happened twice. The upcoming posts are 'of the week' posts that are suppose to be posted yesterday. Just so u know, this is for last week, not this week. :)(:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Disco Fever

There have been so much sequins in the fashion world that it's been turned onto a disco ball! Join the disco fever with this sequined pieces.

(First Row: from Left to Right)
Cropped Sequin Top, Sequin Tunic, Sequin Owl Front Top, all from Forever 21
(Second Row: from Left to Right)
Sequin Animal Print Vest, Sequin Striped Top, Sequin Cardigan, all from New Look

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming n that means u r gonna have to spend ur money on some gifts for ur loved ones. And, as always, u probably have no idea what to buy. Here are some ideas.

Charm Bracelets
This is my personal favourite gift idea. All u have to do is buy a bracelet and then personalize it with charms. The charms that u choose depends on the personality of the person who will recieve the charm bracelet. For charms, go to a jewellery or handcraft store near u. Or, u can try this online stores:, or/and This gift is great because u can personalize it:)

Scarves and Shawls
Scarves and shawls are wonderful gifts because they don't require sizes and therefore, u can't go wrong with them. They are the perfect accessory because u can wear them in so many different ways. Buy them at the usual stores such as Forever21, Topshop, Cotton On, New Look, etc. Or, u can try this online stores: or/and

This is an awesome gift because they are more than 10 ways u can wear this item. Buy them in the basic black for someone that is all work and no play. For someone who is more adventurous and fun, buy a pink, purple or blue one. Don't forget to check out the video on the DKNY website on how to wear it in 12 ways and remember to give the lucky reciever of this gift the link to the video. She'll need it. Buy the DKNY Cozy here: Just click DKNY Cozy which can be found on the left side of the webpage.

Eyeshadow Palettes
Palettes are great gifts because they are usually affordable and offer great value. Most of them have tons of eyeshadows on them that they are practically all that a person needs for pretty and dolled-up eyes. Popular places where people can eyeshadow palettes are and also Look out for the blush and lipgloss palettes too.

Brush Sets
Brushes are a must-have for every make-up junkie and lover. To get the best prices and value, buy a brush set instead of invidual brushes. Great places to shop for brush sets are and . Some of this sets even come with abrush roll for additional convenience.

So, what are u waiting for? Start shopping now!

Holiday Gift Ideas Videos

Here are some videos that will help u decide what to buy for ur loved ones this Christmas. Or, if u don't celebrate Christmas, like me, u can use the ideas for birthdays and other special occasions that require gifts. Enjoy!

*This videos do not belong to me*

Monday, November 16, 2009

Etsy Finds Of The Week #1

Here are my favourite Etsy finds of the week:

MStevensonDesign's LocketsThis lockets are beautiful! They may be a little expensive but i would say its worth it. U can even open them up which i find so cute. Buy them here:

LisaRoy's BagsThis bags are super duper pretty. The fact that they are one-of-a-kind and no one else will have the same bag as u is an icing on the cake. My favourite is the last one in the picture. Get the bags here:

JillLauren's Scarves

This scarves are unique and different. They are really pretty and are the perfect accessory to spice up a casual and simple look. Get them here:

So, did u buy any of these? :)

Youtube Look Of The Week #1

Here are is my Youtube Look of the Week:

MissCheivous' Blue Lagoon Look
I fell in love with this look as soon as I saw it. The blue is absolutely gorgeous. And, the eyeliner shape is so pretty. Even without the colour, the look is still wonderful because of the pretty and unique eyeliner shape. And, it isn't tough to do. But, prepare to be dissapointed. The tutorial is in german! So, u're going to have to figure out how to do this look using only the visuals. Hope u try out the look:)

What's ur fav Youtube look?

Posts Of The Week #1

Initially, I thought I could choose just 1 post to feature here but it turns out, i can't. Just like when I'm choosing what to wear, I just can't decide on which post to choose as the post of the week. And, since, unlike when I'm choosing what to wear, nobody is here to help me narrow down my choices, i'm changing the 'post of the week' to 'posts of the week'. Here are my 3 Top Posts Of The Week:

MissCheivous's Winter Skincare Tips
Winter is coming and that means ur skin's needs are changing so here are some winter skincare tips to help u satisfy ur skin's needs. I never knew the change of seasons could take a toll on ur skin. I'm just thankful my country doesn't have seasons(my country's near the equator).

FocusOnStyle's How To Wear Red Lipstick
Many women around the world avoid red lipsticks because they are, well, afraid. But, with this how-to-wear-red-lipstick guide, there is absolutely no need to be afraid. It tells u what to wear with a red lip and what red lipstick is right for ur skintone.

SheFinds' How To Get Blake Lively's Hair
Who doesn't love this gossip girl's hair? It is said to be the next 'The Rachel'(just in case u don't know, that is Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S). This post teaches u how to get Blake Lively's 'gossip-worthy' hair.

Don't forget to chck out the posts and comment on ur fav posts.

Celeb Style Of The Week #1

Its time to choose the 'of the week' moments. And, we start with the Celeb Style Of The Week. I was pretty sure I wanted Taylor Swift CMA(Country Music Awards) look for this until Demi Lovato released the music video of her new single, Remember December. I absolutely love what she is wearing. I am absolutely in love with her studded gloves. I want one!!! And, her necklace and earrings are pretty as well. She definitely have an edgy vibe going on. If u wanna see her music vid, here's a link:
*Picture DO NOT belong to me*

Yesterday's Posts

The upcoming posts - Etsy Finds Of The Week, Youtube Look Of The Week, Post Of The Week, Celeb Style Of The Week - are suppose to be posted yesterday but I was a little bit busy yesterday(busy shopping......haha......). So, I'm posting them today. They are 'of the week' posts n they r meant for last week, not this week. :)(: Just thought I'll let ya know.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Poll Update

I hope all of u would be kind enough to go to the side of the blog at vote in my poll. Its the same question as when i first started out. But, then, i didn't get many ppl to vote. I'm hoping more ppl can vote this time round. Thanks:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Best Celeb Halloween Costumes

I have another Halloween special here! Don't worry. Its the last one. Today, I list my Top 3 Favorite Celeb Halloween Costume.
3. Anna Lynn McCord's Batgirl Costume

2. Miley Cyrus' Pocahontas/Native American Costume
1. Ashley Greene's Peacock/Bird Costume

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MTV EMA Fashion Trends: Stage

Now that we've spotted the trends on the red carpet of the MTV EMA (European Music Awards), we move on to the stage. So, let's get started.
Several performers of the MTV EMA chose to get decked in leather.

Flaunt That Legs
The ladies of the MTV EMA chose to flaunt their sexy thighs while they perform.

MTV EMA Fashion Trends: Red Carpet

The MTV EMA(European Music Awards) may not be as controversial as the MTV VMA(Video Music Awards) but the fashion was just as awesome. Instead of listing the best and worst dressed, let's spot the trends instead. We start of the trend spotting with the red carpet.
I don't know if it was cold in Berlin (yup, the EMA was hold in Berlin) but many celebrities decided to show up on the red carpet in coats.
Sparkle, Glitter and Shine
The celebs rocked the red carpet with some sparkle, glitter and shine. Sequins, glitter and shiny fabric was an obvious trend on the red carpet.

So, who do you think rocked the best look?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Halloween Looks

I know that i'm a little, ok, VERY late for this post. But, the halloween looks on Youtube is just too cool to not make a post about it. So, here are my personal favourite Youtube Halloween looks:

Cleoprata Look
This is one of the most popular Halloween looks but it never gets old. This tutorial will help u to acheive the perfect Cleoprata look.

SnowWhite Look
This look is highly requested this year for some reason. Pair this look with an apple to get the maximum result:) And, don't forget to check out the hair tutorial.

Michael Jackson Look
This look is dead on! Pay tribute to the King of Pop with this look:)

PrincessJasmine Look
Who doesn't love the Disney Princesses? For some reason, Snow White is quite popular this year. Stand out from the crowd with this Princess Jasmine look.

DarkFairy Look
The creator named it a 'Fallen Angel' look but i'm not very sure what that means so i'll just stick to Dark Fairy. I just love what she did at the sides of the eyes.

Mermaid Look
Using sequins to represent the scales of a mermaid is genious! That's not the only thing that makes this look outstanding. Check it out and u'll know why i like it so much.

Vampire Look
This seductive vampire look is different from all the other vampire looks on Youtube. Its a little less dramatic and doesn't take much effort and products.

Barbie Look
Who doesn't love Barbie? This is just one of the countless Barbie look tutorials on Youtube. I wouldn't say its the best one but its a good one.

LadyGaga Look
Are u a fan of Lady Gaga? If u are, then, here is a tutorial that will teach you to replicate Lady Gaga's Poker Face look.

MoulinRouge Look
Wanna look sexy and pretty for Halloween instead of scary and frightening. Then, this is the look for u.

SailorMoon Look
This tutorial doesn't only teach u how to look like Sailor Moon. It almost teaches u to look animated! Now, that's cool.

WickedWitch Look
With the spiders, webs and green colour, its no doubt that this represents a wicked witch. This dramatic look is definitely only for Halloween.

Zombie Look
Although the creator named it a 'Dying Vampire' look. I think its more of a zombie look. This is great if u want a frightening look.

Thanks for reading and what were u for Halloween?

Update + Sorry

I know I've been MIA for the past weeks. I'm really really sorry. Anyway, last week, i came up with a few ideas to keep this blog alive. Every week, i'll be posting weekly posts. I already have 4 weekly post ideas:

Youtube Look Of The Week
If u don't know, Youtube have this massive beauty community. Almost daily, beauty and make-up enthusiasts, dubbed as beauty gurus, shoot a video on how to do a certain make-up look. Some of the looks are created by themselves while some are requested by their viewers. Some of this gurus give detailed instructions and some don't. Anyway, every week, i'll choose my favourite look and post it here so u girls/guys can see i:)

Etsy Finds Of The Week
Etsy is just like Ebay. Th only difference is that all the items sold are new and HANDMADE. And, i don't know why but i have a crazy obsession for handmade stuff. I love going through Etsy and looking at all the amazing handmade stuff. Sometimes, its hard to believe that so many people in this world are so creative and talented. I swear some of the stores on Etsy are as good as big names like Forever 21, Topshop, etc. Every week, I'm going to list my personal best Etsy finds. Sometimes, i'll list up to 6 item and sometimes, i'll list as little as 2 items. Its all up to fate:)

Celeb Style Of The Week
Every week, i'll be choosing my favourite celeb style. This can be from the red carpet or even from the streets. I'll be choosing from celebrity gossip websites like Yahoo OMG or MSN Wonderwall. Let me know if there is any other websites i can look through:)

Post Of The Week
Every week, i'll be choosing from my personal favourite post from a range of fashion websites like SheFinds, GirlAWhirl and more:)

Of course, i'll be posting invidual posts too.

Love, Scarlet:)