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Monday, November 16, 2009

Posts Of The Week #1

Initially, I thought I could choose just 1 post to feature here but it turns out, i can't. Just like when I'm choosing what to wear, I just can't decide on which post to choose as the post of the week. And, since, unlike when I'm choosing what to wear, nobody is here to help me narrow down my choices, i'm changing the 'post of the week' to 'posts of the week'. Here are my 3 Top Posts Of The Week:

MissCheivous's Winter Skincare Tips
Winter is coming and that means ur skin's needs are changing so here are some winter skincare tips to help u satisfy ur skin's needs. I never knew the change of seasons could take a toll on ur skin. I'm just thankful my country doesn't have seasons(my country's near the equator).

FocusOnStyle's How To Wear Red Lipstick
Many women around the world avoid red lipsticks because they are, well, afraid. But, with this how-to-wear-red-lipstick guide, there is absolutely no need to be afraid. It tells u what to wear with a red lip and what red lipstick is right for ur skintone.

SheFinds' How To Get Blake Lively's Hair
Who doesn't love this gossip girl's hair? It is said to be the next 'The Rachel'(just in case u don't know, that is Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S). This post teaches u how to get Blake Lively's 'gossip-worthy' hair.

Don't forget to chck out the posts and comment on ur fav posts.

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