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Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Halloween Looks

I know that i'm a little, ok, VERY late for this post. But, the halloween looks on Youtube is just too cool to not make a post about it. So, here are my personal favourite Youtube Halloween looks:

Cleoprata Look
This is one of the most popular Halloween looks but it never gets old. This tutorial will help u to acheive the perfect Cleoprata look.

SnowWhite Look
This look is highly requested this year for some reason. Pair this look with an apple to get the maximum result:) And, don't forget to check out the hair tutorial.

Michael Jackson Look
This look is dead on! Pay tribute to the King of Pop with this look:)

PrincessJasmine Look
Who doesn't love the Disney Princesses? For some reason, Snow White is quite popular this year. Stand out from the crowd with this Princess Jasmine look.

DarkFairy Look
The creator named it a 'Fallen Angel' look but i'm not very sure what that means so i'll just stick to Dark Fairy. I just love what she did at the sides of the eyes.

Mermaid Look
Using sequins to represent the scales of a mermaid is genious! That's not the only thing that makes this look outstanding. Check it out and u'll know why i like it so much.

Vampire Look
This seductive vampire look is different from all the other vampire looks on Youtube. Its a little less dramatic and doesn't take much effort and products.

Barbie Look
Who doesn't love Barbie? This is just one of the countless Barbie look tutorials on Youtube. I wouldn't say its the best one but its a good one.

LadyGaga Look
Are u a fan of Lady Gaga? If u are, then, here is a tutorial that will teach you to replicate Lady Gaga's Poker Face look.

MoulinRouge Look
Wanna look sexy and pretty for Halloween instead of scary and frightening. Then, this is the look for u.

SailorMoon Look
This tutorial doesn't only teach u how to look like Sailor Moon. It almost teaches u to look animated! Now, that's cool.

WickedWitch Look
With the spiders, webs and green colour, its no doubt that this represents a wicked witch. This dramatic look is definitely only for Halloween.

Zombie Look
Although the creator named it a 'Dying Vampire' look. I think its more of a zombie look. This is great if u want a frightening look.

Thanks for reading and what were u for Halloween?

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