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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celeb Style Of The Week #4

For this week's celeb style, we are going for a style that is totally weird and out-of-this-world. Who else can I be talking about other than the lovely Lady Gaga? Known for her outrageous style, Lady Gaga takes this week's 'title' with the look she had during her X-Factor performance.

*Pictures DO NOT belong to me*

It was love at first sight when I saw her hair! I totally love the curls and the old-hollywood-glam style. It makes her look kinda different but who cares? Her hair is definitely my favourite part of this look. I also like her eye make-up. She has a pretty winged-out eyeliner look. And, the red lips look great on her and match perfectly with her hair. And, lets not forget her outfit. I love the 'devil'/cat ears. Its weird but cute!

If u wanna watch her performance, here's the link:

Thanks 4 reading>.<

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