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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

HD Pretty

HD tv has made it easier to see the imperfections of those who appear on tv. Luckily for these people, with the invention of HD tv, comes the invention of HD make-up. HD make-up makes you look flawless, even if you appear on HD tv. But, people like us, who don't appear on tv, can use them too. Here are a few HD make-up lines:

Make Up Forever HD
This is pretty much the line that started the HD make-up craze. Although its famous for its foundation, it has tons of other products in its line too. An example would be the 'HD Elixir'. Its a face primer that doubles as a 'radiant serum'. It is said to be a hybrid between make-up and skincare. Other products in this line include a concealer, powder and face primer that works as a colour corrector also.
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Smashbox HD
This line may have the smallest amount of product among the three mentioned lines but it shouldn't be overlooked. It offers a foundation, concealer and powder that is cheaper than the previous line. Thus, it is good for those on a slight budget. I really like that the powder comes with its own brush. What is even cooler is that with one product, you could choose to get a matte finish, a radiant glow or even both. Plus, the foundation and powder comes with SPF 15 for some sun protection.
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Cargo Blu_Ray
This is the only line among the three mentioned ones that include cosmetics other than face products. It includes the usual powder and face primer. But, it also has a mascara, blush and even a lip palette in its line. The face primer doubles as a finishing product to replace the commonly used powder. The blush also doubles as a highlighter.
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For those who constantly make HD videos to put up on the internet or are about to appear on a reality show on tv, I sincerely hope this helps you to acheive beautiful, flawless skin.

P.S. All lines are available at Sephora...YAY!!!

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