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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wear Flowers On Ur FaceO.o

Do u luv nature? Or r u juz a big fan of flowers? If ys, show it by wearin it, on ur face! Here r a few looks, inspired by flowers, by sum Youtubers. I tink dey deserve credit coz aint e looks so terrific?! Better say YES!


  1. Very pretty!! all of them are very talented and creative.
    I also have a look with some pretty pink plastic flowers attached on my eye area in one of my tutorials in youtube and I think I did the same when I had to do the makeup for some models, I love flowers and they really look amazing on everyone, every single skin tone and feature!!! flowers rock!!!!

  2. They are so beautiful!! I love all of them but the last one is my fave!

  3. Great looks :) I would like to invite you to my blog :D to check out my make up work :)